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Products > Pneumatic Cylinders > Rotary Actuators

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A range of rack and pinion type rotary actuators. Available with 90 degree or 180 degree rotation these units offer a high torque and uniform torque in both directions. Fitted with a keyed shaft.

Available on request

Single acting rotary actuator with spring return for 90°
Non standard turning angle
Adjustable end positions
Mounting plate for valve

Mftrs List NoConnectionMin torque
RA2-901/8" BSP22.8 Nm
RA2-1801/8" BSP22.8 Nm
RA4-901/8" BSP45.0 Nm
RA4-1801/8" BSP45.0 Nm
RA8-901/8" BSP81.7 Nm
RA8-1801/8" BSP81.7 Nm
RA12-901/4" BSP134.0 Nm
RA12-1801/4" BSP134.0 Nm
RA20-901/4" BSP224.0 Nm
RA20-1801/4" BSP224.0 Nm


TorqueAngleOrder CodeAvailableEachQuantity
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Rotary Actuators

22.8 Nm90 deg205741     PN - RA2-90 £511.95
22.8 Nm180 deg205742     PN - RA2-180 £707.48
45.0 Nm90 deg205743     PN - RA4-90 £595.81
45.0 Nm180 deg205744     PN - RA4-180 £781.91
81.7 Nm90 deg205745     PN - RA8-90 £698.21
81.7 Nm180 deg205746     PN - RA8-180 £902.98
134.0 Nm90 deg205747     PN - RA12-90 £809.85
134.0 Nm180 deg205748     PN - RA12-180 £1,005.37
224.0 Nm90 deg205749     PN - RA20-90 £1,089.06
224.0 Nm180 deg205750     PN - RA20-180 £1,396.23

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23rd February 2016
New Product: You can now convert from BSP to SAE Flange with our new BSP to SAE Flange Adaptors. They are available in straight of 90 degree versions.

28th January 2016
New Product: We have added a range of female swivel brass hose tail with flat lining to our large range of brass hosetails.

New products are constantly being added.
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