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Products > Tubing / Hose - Low Pressure > Galvanised Steel Tube

Galvanised Steel tube Printer Friendly Page Technical | Prices | Related Products
Galvanised medium steel tube suitable for compressed air systems and a wide range of other applications. Conforms to BS 1387. Screwed at both ends and supplied with a socket at one end.

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3.25 metre lengths available individually and 6.5 metre lengths in various bundle quantities (depending on size).

This product is made from galvanised steel. Giving steel galvanised coatings expands the products life expectancy. The materials which are present in their product assume that it will, rust-free and stay undamaged in the worst of conditions up to 50 years. There isn’t any other coating which can be applied to steel or any other metals which will provide the same level of protection.

We have an in-depth and extensive range of sizes which are noted below in the prices table. Also offering the opportunity to buy our tubes in multiples, with the inclusion of our bundle deals. Remember to have a look at the availability of the product on available on the table below.

Additional delivery charges may apply depending on the area and the quantity ordered. We will notify you in advance if this is the case.

If you require any assistance with your order or advice on any of our products, don’t hesitate to get in contact with a member of the Northern Compressed Air team.

(BSPT)Diameter (mm)Diameter (DN)
1 1/4"42.432
1 1/2"48.340
2 1/2"76.165


Size (mm)Thread (BSPT)Bundle QTYOrder CodeAvailableEachQuantity
- Click to find out the lead time on additional quantities.

3.25 metre lengths

151/2"204861     PN - TGMS015 £14.00
203/4"204862     PN - TGMS020 £17.19
251"204863     PN - TGMS025 £26.93
321 1/4"204864     PN - TGMS032 £35.53
401 1/2"204865     PN - TGMS040 £36.82
502"204866     PN - TGMS050 £52.57

6.5 metre lengths

151/2"10232901     PN - TGMS015-6.5-10 £267.80
203/4"10232902     PN - TGMS020-6.5-10 £328.93
251"10232903     PN - TGMS025-6.5-10 £515.23
321 1/4"8232904     PN - TGMS032-6.5-8 £543.66
401 1/2"8232905     PN - TGMS040-6.5-8 £563.55
502"8232906     PN - TGMS050-6.5-8 £804.47
652 1/2"2232907     PN - TGMS065-6.5-2 £292.83
803"2232908     PN - TGMS080-6.5-2 £322.44
1004"1227023     PN - TGMS100-6.5 £287.88
1255"1227024     PN - TGMS125-6.5 £373.86
1506"1227025     PN - TGMS150-6.5 £439.44

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23rd February 2016
New Product: You can now convert from BSP to SAE Flange with our new BSP to SAE Flange Adaptors. They are available in straight of 90 degree versions.

28th January 2016
New Product: We have added a range of female swivel brass hose tail with flat lining to our large range of brass hosetails.

New products are constantly being added.
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